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Shooting Film (Part II): Reflections upon Receiving the Prints

Find Part I here. After waiting over a week, I got the call from Black’s telling me that our pictures were ready to be picked up. With a deep sense of anticipation, and a little fear that we had ruined the film or misused the camera, I picked up the pictures. Thankfully, even the pictures … Continue reading

DSLR and the Lack of Affordances

I think DSLRs are amazing cameras and afford incredible pictures because of how powerful the lens are, and the visual effects it affords. I do not own a DSLR so it was a new, yet fun experience to be taking pictures with it.  However, I found I was very careful with using the DSLR camera, … Continue reading

Hipstamatic: Retro Photography for iOS

Hipstamatic is an iPhone application which allows the user to take photographs using the iPhone camera with added effects and filters. The software has the appearance of a film camera and the various effects are represented as swappable films, lenses, and flashes.     Apart from taking a few pictures of my pets every time … Continue reading

Shooting Film Takes Time … To Be Continued

Using the Canon AE-1 film SLR (developed and sold between 1976-1984, before I was born) was a new and yet familiar experience. Our group planned a photo-session on campus to shoot two rolls of film, one expired b&w roll of film (more information about expired film) and one new roll of colored film purchase from … Continue reading

SLR and P&S weekend

I spent the weekend either taking photos or thinking what would make a good photo. On Saturday, I took my P&S camera to Allan Gardens Conservatory, where I was the only one taking photos of the plants and flowers without an upgraded huge camera or an iPhone. My flowers did not turn out that bad: … Continue reading

Digital SLRs – Capturing the Outdoors

I’ve never been one to take many pictures. I have my smartphone for my cat, dog, and food photos and the occasional lovely tree (with an Instagram filter, of course), a small point-and-shoot, and a digital SLR. It never occurred to me until now how differently I use these cameras; My smartphone gets the most … Continue reading

Summary: Cobley and Haeffner’s “Digital Cameras and Domestic Photography: Communication, Agency and Structure”

In their article, Cobley and Haeffner examine the current attitudes towards the uses of domestic and amateur digital cameras. They point out that the replacement of film cameras with digital cameras will soon become inevitable because film has become “too slow and costly for most businesses”, but also acknowledge the positive aspects of such a “shift”(125). … Continue reading

Response: Questioning Cobley and Haeffner’s “Digital Cameras and Domestic Photography: Communication, Agency and Structure”

As Cobley and Haeffner point out, the introduction of consumer digital cameras “vastly accelerated process whereby a photographer can now capture a digital image and dispatch it for publication via the internet.” This unquestionably changed the way people take and share images. A quick social media survey easily showcases just how shared amateur photography has … Continue reading