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Shooting Film (Part II): Reflections upon Receiving the Prints

Find Part I here. After waiting over a week, I got the call from Black’s telling me that our pictures were ready to be picked up. With a deep sense of anticipation, and a little fear that we had ruined the film or misused the camera, I picked up the pictures. Thankfully, even the pictures … Continue reading

Summary: Nancy K. Baym’s “Digital Media in Relational Development and Maintenance” (Revised)

Examining results from several surveys, Nancy K. Baym’s chapter “Digital Media in Relational Development and Maintenance” argues that online relationships have similar potential for intimacy as offline relationships, but most often act as a supplement to offline relationships, offering additional unique, asynchronous spaces with varying levels of relational commitment. Baym concludes, however, that people who … Continue reading

Shooting Film Takes Time … To Be Continued

Using the Canon AE-1 film SLR (developed and sold between 1976-1984, before I was born) was a new and yet familiar experience. Our group planned a photo-session on campus to shoot two rolls of film, one expired b&w roll of film (more information about expired film) and one new roll of colored film purchase from … Continue reading

Summary: Nancy K. Baym’s “Digital Media in Relational Development and Maintenance”

Nancy K. Baym’s chapter “Digital Media in Relational Development and Maintenance,” from her book Personal Connections in the Digital Age, describes the ways that digital relationships mirror and differ from face to face relationships. As she describes the various uses of online and offline, as found in several surveys, Baym argues that online relationships have … Continue reading

Why All The Hype About Hypertext?: Why Hypertexts Do Not Radically Shift The Way We Read Or Write

In his chapter, “A Brief History of Hypertext: Origins and Influences,” Andreas Kitzmann traces the development of hypertext, eventually concluding that “what is significant here is the manner in which [Hypertext] is being described and employed as a general paradigm with which to define and structure the very nature of expression itself, especially in terms … Continue reading

Summary: Privacy Laws in Canada

Privacy in Canada is primarily regulated through two federal laws, the Privacy Act—regulating government and public sector institutions—and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)—regulating certain private sector, profit and not-for-profit organizations. The Privacy Act (1983) puts restrictions upon “the collection, use and disclosure of personal information” (Office of the Privacy Commissioner Of … Continue reading