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Hipstamatic: Retro Photography for iOS

Hipstamatic is an iPhone application which allows the user to take photographs using the iPhone camera with added effects and filters. The software has the appearance of a film camera and the various effects are represented as swappable films, lenses, and flashes.



The “front” of the camera, where parts are swapped.


The main screen of Hipstamatic.


Apart from taking a few pictures of my pets every time I go home, I have very little experience with photography. I’d never heard of Hipstamatic, have still not used Instagram, and in fact only have a fourth generation iPod Touch, not an actual iPhone, so I’m working with a .7 megapixel camera with no flash.

I initially tested a few of the filters that Hipstamatic offers but ultimately stuck with the basic configuration – I didn’t like the look of many of them, and not having a way to preview the shot with the filter applied meant that I would need to take the same photo with each just to ensure I got the result I wanted. The majority of the pictures I took were outside, at night, so not having a flash meant I was relying on whatever lighting fixtures were already in place. It’s not something I would recommend doing, especially for someone as inexperienced as I am, as many of the pictures I took were almost entirely black.



Moments after installing Hipstamatic and accidentally randomizing the filters.



One of the bridges over to the colleges.



The side entrance to my residence at an ungodly hour.



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