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SLR and P&S weekend

I spent the weekend either taking photos or thinking what would make a good photo. On Saturday, I took my P&S camera to Allan Gardens Conservatory, where I was the only one taking photos of the plants and flowers without an upgraded huge camera or an iPhone. My flowers did not turn out that bad:


Also, I used my P&S, not the SLR camera for taking photo of the protests marking anniversary of Tibetan Uprising. I think I would have used a phone if I had one here, but the camera seemed the easiest choice at the moment.


With the SLR camera I borrowed I went for a walk, trying to capture the beautiful day. I acted as a tourist: I took photos of nice buildings, squirrels, lost mittens (one was especially interesting for me, as you will see in the photos), monuments, trees, etc… I did not want to take any photos of passersby, even accidentally, so I was very careful about it. (Lasen and Gomez-Cruz article added to this). I had a hard time learning how to zoom and not to blur the photos. The camera was too heavy and too big for me – despite the fun I had with the SLR, I would prefer using my P&S or phone for taking “let’s capture the moment” kind of photos. However, I loved playing with the camera when I tried to be more artistic and I appreciated all the options SLR offers – if only I knew how to use all of them!

Here are the results:

Image ImageImage


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