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Response: Brony Memes: A Form of Social Activism

My Little Pony (MLP) is a series of toy ponies, first introduced in 1981. Since then, MLP has grown significantly—it has created games, movies, and a television show. The television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was created and intended for little girls, however, its fan base has grown to boys, as well as … Continue reading

Response: Who’s the Real Jerk in Dogshaming?

Dogshaming was originally created when Pascale Lemire and fiancé Mike LeBlanc found their dog chewing a pair of boxers under the bed. Clearly, as any pet owner knows, the punishment is to take a picture of your dog looking fairly ashamed, with a note positioned beside the dog (and hopefully the destroyed object) detailing the … Continue reading

Summary: Rage Comics

Rage comics/faces originated in 2008 on 4chan’s famous /b/ board with the rendition now known as “rage guy” or “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU”. This first rage face was most likely created in MS Paint, but as the tradition grew comics generators appeared in which anyone could easily create a rage comic using a variety of templates and traditional … Continue reading

Summary: Text From Dog, Dogshaming, Awkward Family Photos

Text From Dog is a Tumblr site created by October Jones offering screenshots of text message conversations between October and his dog, Dog. Topics are generally dog-related (chasing balls, postmen, etc.) and frequently involve Dog’s alter-ego Batdog. The texts use a minimal amount of chatspeak, and frequently involve swearing. The site doesn’t accept outside submissions, … Continue reading

Summary: A Short History of LOLs

When people think of LOLcats, they probably think of the image memes that grew out of 4chan’s Caturday tradition. LOLcats are one of the longer-lived internet memes, still going strong over 7 years after the first LOLcats were posted. Even though LOLcats peaked in 2009, it’s still widely understood that the internet is made of cats. The … Continue reading

Summary: LOLspeak Grammar and Memes

So, we r goin 2 talk bout LOLspeak Grammar. Yez, Im bean serious, but we r going 2 talk abot dat in an academic wai. U mite ask wut iz LOLspeak. Itz teh language ov teh LOLcats, teh language dat “fuffly animas” r supposd 2 speek if they cud speek. Itz wut ur readin nao. … Continue reading