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Summary: LOLspeak Grammar and Memes

So, we r goin 2 talk bout LOLspeak Grammar. Yez, Im bean serious, but we r going 2 talk abot dat in an academic wai. U mite ask wut iz LOLspeak. Itz teh language ov teh LOLcats, teh language dat “fuffly animas” r supposd 2 speek if they cud speek. Itz wut ur readin nao. … Continue reading

Response: The death of the Audience and the Users’ Power

In “The People Formerly Known as the Audience”, Jay Rosen declares that the audience is dead. His article is a kind of open letter to traditional media informing them that “we”, the users, have the power. By this affirmation, he means that the one-way form of communication, from the media to the audience, no longer … Continue reading

Response: Who controls our online privacy?

Do we really care about privacy? How many times have you read a Privacy Contract before signing up for a website? The language that they use is not an excuse. A large number of those terms are written in plain language and are easy to understand. Even Google is pretty clear when saying that, yes, … Continue reading

Summary: Google Street View, Germany, and privacy issues

After a series of incidents and lawsuits, Google Street View abandoned the streets of Germany in April, 2011. Although they were not enforced to leave the country, the company decided not to expand the pictures that were already taken voluntarily. Even before the service being launched in Germany, Google Street View gathered a large number … Continue reading