My name is Emily and I am currently completing my Masters in Rhetoric and Communication Design. I have a strange (or adorable) obsession with my dog, and am a horribly cliche Instagrammer, snapping pictures of food at every opportunity. I’m a (proud) feminist, but internet shy. I love to lurk and observe, but am lacking confidence in participation. In my spare time I lose hours of my life in Minecraft, spend time with my partner and try to get outdoors for at least fifteen minutes a day. I am also an avid baker with the unhealthy habit of eating icing with a spoon (but you only live once, right?).
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Response: Who’s the Real Jerk in Dogshaming?

Dogshaming was originally created when Pascale Lemire and fiancé Mike LeBlanc found their dog chewing a pair of boxers under the bed. Clearly, as any pet owner knows, the punishment is to take a picture of your dog looking fairly ashamed, with a note positioned beside the dog (and hopefully the destroyed object) detailing the … Continue reading

Instagram: iPhone and Android Photography App

Instagram, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, is an app available to iPhone and Android users that allows you to take or import photos, choose a filter, and post them to your Instagram profile, while simultaneously sharing them to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and foursquare accounts. Instagram isn’t currently available for Blackberry users, … Continue reading

Response: The Inevitable Umbrella of Big Media

Jay Rosen’s The People Formerly Known as the Audience, asserts that Big Media do not “own the press, … don’t control production on the new platform, which isn’t one-way. There’s a new balance of power between you and us” (15). Rosen positions the audience in a position of power, nodding to Tom Curley’s view that … Continue reading

Response: Floating Online: The Fragmented Self

Solove’s book The Future of Reputation, discusses principles of gossip and rumour as they take place in our daily and online lives.  As Solove gives examples of unforgettable blogs from that of Washingtonienne to the Phantom Professor, a sense of foreboding starts creeping in as we are given mere fragments as representation for the reputations … Continue reading

Summary: Daniel Solove’s The Future of Reputation, Ch. 1-4

Discusses the “Birth of the Blog” and whether those participating are participating as journalists or diarists Identifies a problem with “diarists” as those who are blogging are “getting younger and younger” (24) Questions the strength of online connections stating that “Frew social network sties allow users to distinguish between close friends and mere acquaintances” (27) … Continue reading