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Summary: A Short History of LOLs

When people think of LOLcats, they probably think of the image memes that grew out of 4chan’s Caturday tradition. LOLcats are one of the longer-lived internet memes, still going strong over 7 years after the first LOLcats were posted. Even though LOLcats peaked in 2009, it’s still widely understood that the internet is made of cats. The … Continue reading

Summary: May Friedman’s “On the Cyborg: Dialogism and Collective Stories”

Friedman devotes this chapter of her book, Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood, to the exploration of the relational, unusually temporal, and collective motherhood that occurs in mommyblogs. She argues that this makes the genre a “new and innovative form[] of maternal life writing” (Friedman 78). To do this, Friedman positions mommyblogs as emerging … Continue reading

Response: Sex scandals as cautionary tales for bloggers

In his chapter, “Gossip and the Virtues of Knowing Less,” Daniel Solove addresses the problem of gossip blogging in the quick-and-easy information sharing age of the internet. Before the internet, the consequences of gossip were, if still potentially devastating, at least limited to certain social groups or geographical locations. The victim of harmful gossip has … Continue reading