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DSLR and the Lack of Affordances

I think DSLRs are amazing cameras and afford incredible pictures because of how powerful the lens are, and the visual effects it affords. I do not own a DSLR so it was a new, yet fun experience to be taking pictures with it.  However, I found I was very careful with using the DSLR camera, … Continue reading

The Woes of Point and Shoot Photography

Day 1 – Wednesday: I located my point and shoot camera in a neglected corner of my desk with a stack of CDs, and two old Nintendo DSs that I have since abandoned for my 3DS. My camera has been tossed aside much like the old CDs and handhelds in favour of the various iphones … Continue reading

Response: Blurred Boundaries: Public/Private? Self-Representation/Objectification?

In “Digital Photography and Picture Sharing: Redefining the Public/Private Divide” Lasén and Gómez-Cruz state that the representation of private lives on the Internet is not simply the ” translation of behaviours and codes from the private to the public sphere, but rather, as stated by McQuire, a reconceptualization of contemporary society and “agency in a context … Continue reading

Digital SLRs – Capturing the Outdoors

I’ve never been one to take many pictures. I have my smartphone for my cat, dog, and food photos and the occasional lovely tree (with an Instagram filter, of course), a small point-and-shoot, and a digital SLR. It never occurred to me until now how differently I use these cameras; My smartphone gets the most … Continue reading

Instagram: iPhone and Android Photography App

Instagram, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, is an app available to iPhone and Android users that allows you to take or import photos, choose a filter, and post them to your Instagram profile, while simultaneously sharing them to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and foursquare accounts. Instagram isn’t currently available for Blackberry users, … Continue reading

Summary: Cobley and Haeffner’s “Digital Cameras and Domestic Photography: Communication, Agency and Structure”

In their article, Cobley and Haeffner examine the current attitudes towards the uses of domestic and amateur digital cameras. They point out that the replacement of film cameras with digital cameras will soon become inevitable because film has become “too slow and costly for most businesses”, but also acknowledge the positive aspects of such a “shift”(125). … Continue reading