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Sony Stays Indoors/ iPhone Goes Out

The Sony Cybershot DSC 90  which we purchased in 2003 replaced the Pentax semi-automatic I had been using for  about 19 years. I read the quick use instruction guide so I could insert the batteries and memory card, set the time and off I went. Although a manual mode is available on the camera and … Continue reading

Response: Blurred Boundaries: Public/Private? Self-Representation/Objectification?

In “Digital Photography and Picture Sharing: Redefining the Public/Private Divide” Lasén and Gómez-Cruz state that the representation of private lives on the Internet is not simply the ” translation of behaviours and codes from the private to the public sphere, but rather, as stated by McQuire, a reconceptualization of contemporary society and “agency in a context … Continue reading

Summary: Henry Jenkins’ “Why Heather Can Write”

In the chapter “Why Heather Can Write” Henry Jenkins shows the conflicting reactions, shifting positions and novel alliances which have resulted in the wake of a participatory media culture where content crosses multiple platforms and reaches diverse audiences. To highlight “the competing notions of media literacy and how it should be taught,” Jenkins uses the … Continue reading

Summary: David Kirkpatrick’s “The Beginning”

In the opening chapter of “The Facebook Effect,” Kirkpatrick demonstrates how perceived need, timing, and setting factor into the mass adoption of new technology. A shrewd reading of the desires driving the intended users and a willingness to break boundaries can also help. The success of Zuckerberg’s initial on line project CourseMatch, which had enabled … Continue reading

Instant Gratification

Repercussions are hard to fathom when happiness is a click away!

Response: Violations of Contextual Integrity: The Washingtonienne and The Phantom Professor

The model of contextual integrity which Nissenbaum posits in chapter 7 of her book Privacy in Context offers a good benchmark for determining whether the blogs by Washingtonienne and the Phantom Professor described in Daniel Solove’s chapter “Gossip and The Virtues of Knowing Less” can be justly deemed violations of privacy over  the public medium of the … Continue reading