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A Week of Pointing and Shooting

I own a Pentax W90 waterproof and shockproof digital camera that I mostly use for outdoor adventures. I used to take a lot more pictures with it and with other point and shoot cameras that I have had in the past, but I never really realized how much my iPhone had taken over as my day to day camera until this week. With my iPhone, I take a lot of pictures of relatively inconsequential things like food and craft beer as anyone who follows my Instagram knows. However, I found when I was trying to only take pictures with my actual camera, it was very difficult. Most of the things I would usually take pictures of didn’t seem picture worthy anymore. Also, on occasion when I wanted to take a photo of something I didn’t necessarily have my camera with me. I ended up having to make myself take pictures, which was a somewhat odd experience. 

Some pictures I took this week:


A salad topped with barbecued quail and a honey dijon vinaigrette. Taking pictures of food with a point and shoot felt wrong.


Snowfall by street light. 


A face on Hagey Hall. This looked neat at the time and I take pictures of graffiti and stuff all the time with my phone, but again, using an actual camera didn’t feel the same.

This is the sort of thing I would normally use my camera for:


Elevation of 2101m in August.  

I use my point and shoot most often for when I am fly fishing because it is waterproof and shockproof, but now that I have a waterproof hard case for my iPhone I wonder how much it will take over there too. I think the biggest limiting factor of the smartphone is that the design is not very ergonomic for use with one hand or at awkward angles. Also, their lenses take in a lot less light. Other than that, the ease of use and convenient ability to share and edit photos makes reaching for my iPhone for pictures second nature.


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