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DSLR and the Lack of Affordances

I think DSLRs are amazing cameras and afford incredible pictures because of how powerful the lens are, and the visual effects it affords. I do not own a DSLR so it was a new, yet fun experience to be taking pictures with it.  However, I found I was very careful with using the DSLR camera, … Continue reading

SLR and P&S weekend

I spent the weekend either taking photos or thinking what would make a good photo. On Saturday, I took my P&S camera to Allan Gardens Conservatory, where I was the only one taking photos of the plants and flowers without an upgraded huge camera or an iPhone. My flowers did not turn out that bad: … Continue reading

Digital SLRs – Capturing the Outdoors

I’ve never been one to take many pictures. I have my smartphone for my cat, dog, and food photos and the occasional lovely tree (with an Instagram filter, of course), a small point-and-shoot, and a digital SLR. It never occurred to me until now how differently I use these cameras; My smartphone gets the most … Continue reading