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Sony Stays Indoors/ iPhone Goes Out

The Sony Cybershot DSC 90  which we purchased in 2003 replaced the Pentax semi-automatic I had been using for  about 19 years. I read the quick use instruction guide so I could insert the batteries and memory card, set the time and off I went. Although a manual mode is available on the camera and I can make adjustments to image sharpness and contrast and shoot in different lighting conditions (twilight, snow, soft snap modes), the only features I have ever used are the focus (achieved by half pressing on the shutter),  the zoom and of course the reverse button to check to see whether I want to get rid of whatever image I’ve just shot.   I basically take pictures when there is enough light  and make sure the sun is behind me as if I were shooting with my old Pentax.  I also frame my shots carefully cause I rarely use Photoshop ( not since before the new millennium  I think)

The Sony Cybershot was shelved in June 2012  (except for a trip to New York last summer) when I got my  iPhone 4.  When I took it out this weekend I got frustrated because I couldn’t crop on the camera -something I have gotten quite used to on the iPhone.   I find the iPhone ooh so portable and ooh so easy to take out when I want to take and show some pics because as many of you might suspect,  I don’t have a Facebook account and I find the cost of emailing or texting photos from my phone prohibitive.  iPhone also takes great outdoor pictures.  See for yourself ...Sony Cybershot or iPhone??? .




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