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Smartphone Photography: BlackBerry Bold 9700

I own a BlackBerry bold 9700. This week I took random photos using my smartphone. I do not currently have access to the internet via my BlackBerry (scandalous, I know), therefore I need to upload the photos to my laptop. I looked at some “how to” videos on Youtube regarding smartphone photography. The instructional videos offered nothing groundbreaking by way of suggested approaches, so I took photos based on my mood, when I remembered to, and what subjects I felt like capturing. I captured candid shots of people in one of the MA student offices (you’ll notice they are in New Media Genres), a photo of Emily’s delicious homemade doughnuts, and me trying my hand at artistic photography.

So, I just attempted to upload the photos from my BlackBerry and I’m unable to. It is not allowing me to click on  “import” for whatever reason. I have tried to troubleshoot with no success.

Here is me with my sad face (courtesy of my webcam)IMG000303:




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