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‘Amateur-ing’ SLR at a Kitchener Night

How do I know what I like until I take a picture? I borrowed an SLR from a friend of mine and walked out in the vanishing winter night of Kitchener to check if lights thrill me as much as they used to do as a child. My first encounter with electricity was when, at 11 as a sixth grader, I made my first lucky visit to a city in western Nepal. I still remember how I wanted to remain awake the entire first night staring at florescent lights in a hotel. What an expedience that was!

When there was no electricity in our village, we used use every bit of moon light to walk long to our destinations. It was fun. A different experience than using what we used to call a ‘torchlight.’ Batteries were expensive (that is, in the village where money was hard to come by), so torchlights were generally saved for urgent cases.


A Deewali Moment


At Victoria Park



Finally, this one on the way to the Park.


Waiting for Spring

Here I am in Kitchener, taking pictures about the night that is not so nightly, and revisiting my past. And making a space out of a place, sort of.


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