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Summary: Daniel Solove’s The Future of Reputation, Ch. 5-8

New technology makes old problems of privacy more complex (Godkin: curiosity was the “chief enemy of privacy in modern life”). 1890: Lawyers Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis wrote “The Right to Privacy,” advocating that the law could provide solutions to violation of privacy. In particular, they laid grounds for a tort remedy – being able … Continue reading

Summary: Daniel Solove’s The Future of Reputation, Ch. 1-4

Discusses the “Birth of the Blog” and whether those participating are participating as journalists or diarists Identifies a problem with “diarists” as those who are blogging are “getting younger and younger” (24) Questions the strength of online connections stating that “Frew social network sties allow users to distinguish between close friends and mere acquaintances” (27) … Continue reading

Response: “I heard it through the grapewire” – gossip and privacy online

Solove’s chapter reminds of the effects some blogs believed to be “a needle in the electronic haystack of cyberspace” can have on people after they are read by people for whom they were not intended (51). After pointing out how wrongful the assumption that only “friends and family” will read our posts is, Solove talks … Continue reading