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Summary: May Friedman’s “On the Cyborg: Dialogism and Collective Stories”

Friedman devotes this chapter of her book, Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood, to the exploration of the relational, unusually temporal, and collective motherhood that occurs in mommyblogs. She argues that this makes the genre a “new and innovative form[] of maternal life writing” (Friedman 78). To do this, Friedman positions mommyblogs as emerging … Continue reading

Response: Sex Blogging and Women’s Reclamation of the Water Cooler

In Daniel Solove’s The Future of Reputation, Jessica Cutler is positioned as an ignorant internet user who creates a blog intended only for her friends, detailing her sex life. Jessica reasons that when men bragged about having sex with her at the office it was considered mere “writing on the bathroom wall” (54) so really, … Continue reading