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Response: 50 Shades of Heteronormativity: Sharon Cumberland’s Take on Female Fandoms

Sharon Cumberland’s “Private Uses of Cyberspace: Women, Desire and Fan Culture” focuses on the female-dominated subsections of fandom concerned with the production and distribution of fanfiction. These spaces, she contends, represent a way in which women “are using the paradox of cyberspace—personal privacy in a public forum—to explore feelings and ideas that were considered risky … Continue reading

Summary: Matthew Kirschenbaum’s Grammatology of the Hard Drive

In chapter three of his influential work Mechanisms, new media scholar Matthew Kirschenbaum narrows his focus on storage to the hard drive. This device is particularly interesting for Kirschenbaum because “[m]ost users will never see their hard drive during the life of their computer”.  Their invisibility from the vast majority of users, he argues, often … Continue reading

Response: The Uses and (Potential) Abuses of Contextual Integrity

Hey everyone Helen Nissenbaum’s Privacy in Context critically explores the intricate network of concerns governing contemporary discussions about privacy. At the heart of her argument is a framework she refers to as “contextual integrity”, or the notion that people’s attitudes toward privacy are more complex than a binary between the permissive and the restrictive. Instead, … Continue reading

Summary: John Frow’s Genre, Chs. 1 and 3

In “Approaching Genre”, the first chapter of his 2006 text (somewhat unexcitingly) titled Genre, John Frow engages with historical and contemporary debates regarding the nature and function of generic classification in order to call for enhanced awareness of the inherently social role these literary structures serve for producers and consumers of texts. What is at stake in … Continue reading