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Response: Recapitulating the Public Dimensions of Digital Photographyand the Web

Amparo Lasen and Edgar Gomez-Cruz explore the public/private configurations of digital photography and the web in “Digital Photography and Picture Sharing: Redefining the Public/Private Divide,” commenting on the emergence of sharing intimate photos online through the development of digital photography. Lasen and Cruz state that “these changes have happened due to the possibility of controlling … Continue reading

Summary: Lasen and Gomez-Cruz’s “Digital Photography and Picture Sharing: Redefining the Public/Private Divide”

Amparo Lasen and Edgar Cruz explore the emergent trends in digital photography and the correlating private/public spheres of new media and digital photography in their article, “Digital Photography and Picture Sharing: Redefining the Public/Private Divide.” Lasen and Cruz  note the “pervasiveness of images producing devices and the sharing of digital images and personal in different platforms … Continue reading

Summary: Nelson’s “A File Structure for the Complex, the Changing and the Indeterminate”

T.H. Nelson proposes the development of the Evolutionary List File (ELF), a file structure characterized by “the capacity for intricate and idiosyncratic arrangements, total modifiability, undecided alternatives, and thorough internal documentation” (84). Built of zippered files, the ELF would fulfill user needs for personal filing and manuscript assembly. Among the ELF’s specifications are “the ability … Continue reading

Instagram Debacle

http://theweek.com/article/index/238165/instagrams-privacy-policy-retreat-too-late Here is an article briefly highlighting the recent rage over instagram’s change in privacy policy. Was this grammatical confusion? Or was this an intentional change to grant instagram rights to sell? In either case, what do you make of the quick correction and reversion to the old terms? What does this say about consumer … Continue reading